Our Sheep Breeding

We started breeding sheep in 2010, keeping only two Leineschaf ewes and a ram (of the same breed) at the time.
After two years of pure Leine-Sheep breeding, we acquired a Dorper ram to extract advantages from the two
different breeds and obtain a resilient flock in time.

Since 2014 we make for Coburger Foxsheeps, because we are really convinced and keen by this race owing to
wool and meat quality.


We pay close attention to keeping a harmonic and healthy crossbreed.
Besides, the "Golden Fleece" of the Coburger Foxsheep has a special wool quality, which is featured by fineness
and color.

The sheep are born red with a reddish-Brown coat which brightens with age.


We have great confident in our crossbreed flock, which was bred over the course of the last seven years.
They help in maintaining our meadow orchards and thereby make their contribution to preservation of nature and cultural